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Kharaghoda is a very important census town which is located in the Surendranagar district, in Gujarat, which is an Indian State. It is one of the most important cities of Gujarat. Kharaghoda is located in around 23.20 degrees North and 71.72 degrees East. Kharaghoda is situated near the Rann of Kutch.

Demographics of Kharaghoda

According to the Indian census of the year 2001, Kharaghoda is known to have a population of around 10,927 people. The males constitute around 54 percent of the entire population, and the females constitute the rest 46 percent of the population. The average literacy rate of Kharaghoda is around 41 percent. This is comparatively lower than the national literacy rate, which is around 59.5 percent. The male literacy rate is 52 percent and the female literacy rate is around 29 percent. In the city of Kharaghoda, the population that is under the age of six years is around sixteen percent.

History of Kharaghoda

When the British Raj was ruling the Bombay Presidency, the town of Kharaghoda used to be an important part of the district of Ahmedabad. The town was also known to have a terminus of the branch of a railway line. A salt factory that belonged to the government was established in this area, and the brand name given was “Bharat Salt.” This was known as the one and only company that was responsible for manufacturing salt and then selling it. According to the recent studies, there were bitterns that were produced in this town. These bitterns have a rich bromide content and they are being considered as a very important source of bromine.

Economy of Kharaghoda

The most important business of the town of Kharaghoda is the production of the salt. The town also houses a single hospital, which is operated by the Hindustan Salts Limited or the HSL. The town is famous for a library, which had been established by the British. The library has a huge number of quality books present till date. Kharaghoda is located near the famous Rann of Kutch and is renowned for one of the most prominent cultural festivals held here, which is known as the Rann Mahotsav. People flock to Kharaghoda to be witness this festival every year.

Tourism in Kharaghoda

Kharaghoda has a number of beautiful and attractive places, which is one of the primary reasons as to why tourists from all over the country come to visit this town.

The Munsar Lake

The Munsar Lake is one of the most amazing lakes that is located near the city of Kharaghoda. The lake houses exotic species of birds. This place is perfect for the people who are nature lovers and love photography as well. The lake is known for its calm and mesmerizing nature.

Dhavdi Maa Temple

The Dhavdi Maa Temple is ideal for the God lovers and the people who love indulging in history. This temple is located in Surendranagar. The temple is very religious and devotees visit this place in search of peace and nirvana.

Dhrangadhra Wildlife Sanctuary

The Dhrangadhra Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for the people who have come to Kharaghoda. The sanctuary is very famous for the exotic species of animals and birds that are found here. This place is amazing for the animal lovers and those who are very close to nature. Photographers also visit the sanctuary. The animals are mostly seen during the summers when they come out of their hiding places to drink water from the water bodies.

Transport in Kharaghoda

Kharaghoda is connected to the other parts of Gujarat with the help of the various transportation facilities that are available.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway station to Kharaghoda is the Kharaghoda Railway station. The station is regular and passengers can travel to other parts of Gujarat. All information related to the train departures are available from the station.

Air Transport

The nearest airport to Kharaghoda is the Ahmedabad Sardar Patel Airport which is around ninety-nine kilometers away from the center of Kharaghoda.

Also private vehicles are available to travel to other parts of the city. There are no state transports here for travelling to any other city.

People coming to Gujarat should definitely visit Kharaghoda and be a witness to the rich and amazing beauty of this place.

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